Saturday, 21 September 2019

Chris Carr: Painting my Fluyt, the "Lady Karolyn"

Thought I should do a brief summary of my methodology for ship painting. Given that I haven't painted anything larger than a canoe over last year or so, I forgot how much fun it was and I am very happy with the finished result. If you are in the area, feel free to come and see it in person this year at the Naval Wargaming Weekend  at Yeovilton on 5th/6th October

or at the Recon show hosted Wakefield and District Wargamers, near Leeds on December 7th...

Resin ships should always be bathed, scrubbed, left to dry and below is the Fluyt after it's bath and been sprayed white.

 Next it's base coat of Thar brown one the outer and inner hull, decks were painted with birch. These are Scale 75's paint range.

I applied a wash of Scale 75's Inktense wood to all parts of the ship the liberally wiped it off with tissue just  to leave the ink in the recces ( that was a messy part )

From a different angle

With the major colours of the wood completed I did all the railings in Vallejo German cam black brown.
Cannons and gun ports are done in black (may go back and some time and change the cannons to gunmetal )

Brian bought me some of Rick Casler's amazing foam sales (He makes them and frequently lets people know on Facebook Blood and Plunder page. Brian got some for his Galleon, and thought to get me some for my birthday several months in advance (sure it was to save postage)

Brian gave me one of his spare fighting top platforms from his Galleon, such a charitable lad for a Scotsman, so I added that on. The blue is Vallejio Sky Blue, with a wiped blue ink for the recesses, with Scale 75 Elven Gold for the rear.

Masts were done with Vallejio's flat earth (my go to for wood effects).

For the rigging I elected not to use the elastic rigging, I instead used cotton thread as it looks finer in my opinion. I may regret that one later on, as its not as forgiving to clumsy hands... 

To finish, printed pennant and flag for King and Country

Hope you like the finished article. Simple colours, quick and easy and a real pleasure to work like all 

Firelock's products. Its top quality and the new Flagship of my growing English Fleet
Not quite: One last thing left to do,  and its a choice: should I try my hand at calligraphy for the name or purchase a name plate or two for the "Lady Karolyn"???

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